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Thai food

Lap up some amazing Thai food in Bangkok

If you're in search of the best Thai food in Bangkok, you'll never have to look far as there are amazing restaurants situated all over the city. Bangkok has been a haven for foreign tourists for decades and provides just about everything a traveller could want. From outstanding hospitality to a mirage of entertainment options to the iconic cultural attributes to the buzzing nightlife, no tourists will feel bored when visiting Bangkok. One of the starting points for Thai food is Khao San Road, one of the liveliest streets in the city which is a commercial gathering of bars, clubs, street vendors and amusements. Although the Thai food sold here is often from street vendors who will serve up delicious helpings of Pad Thai for 50THB ($2), there are numerous excellent restaurants in the area. Each boasts a Thai food menu of impeccable quality and most of the dishes cost less than $5. This part of Bangkok is also within close range of the Golden Temple, Lumpini Park and many of the city's best nightclubs, ensuring you will have something to keep you on your toes day or night. Some of the best Thai food restaurants in the area include...

  • Kumpoon - Isaan, noodles
  • Sansab (Siam Paragon) - Isaan, Thai
  • Hung Sen - Northern Thai, Southern Thai, Isaan
  • Baan Ying Cafe - Isaan, Northern Thai

Thai food - unparalleled quality and versatility!

The best thing about Thai food is that it's constantly evolving so you never know what you're going to get handed next. There are four main regions of Thailand where cuisine is concerned, the north, the northeast, central and south. Each of these regions boast their own character when served on a plate or in a bowl and it is only experimentation that will allow you to make your own decisions. From the spicy noodle soups of the north to the creamy, coconut infused dishes of the south, there is something on a Thai food menu which will appeal to every preference. As Bangkok is located in the central region of Thailand, it has almost become a magnet for all the different Thai cultures and cuisines, as food from every region can be enjoyed here. We at foodpanda deliver to most areas of this city too!

  • Suan Luang
  • Din Daeng
  • Khlong Kum

Have your Thai food bought to you - foodpanda

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