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Korean food

foodpanda serves scrumptious Korean food to your doorsteps in Thailand!

One of the world's most popular tourist destinations, Thailand enjoys a rich cultural diversity that is very much evident in its stunning food choices from across the world. So it is really no wonder that this exotic and fabulous country offers a variety of options to discover authentic, mouthwatering Korean food in Thailand. And thanks to foopanda, now you can enjoy the absolutely tasty and nourishing Korean food at an easy click of the button..

Best European restaurants around Thailand.

  • Fried Chicken from Bonchon Chicken in Bangkok and Pattaya, Salroman Chicken, J June Chicken in Chiang Mai
  • Korean seafood from Hangme Kalbee, Gangnam Style, School food, Kyochon
  • Korean Hot Pot and Grill from Sukishi, Aoi-Oat Mookratha, Taberu Suki & Grill
  • Korean traditional food from, The Bibimbab, Umma Dosirak.

Treat yourself to the finest Korean food in the country!

Unique, well-balanced and delicious, Korean food, mostly filled with vegetables and meats, is considered one of the most healthiest delicacies in the world. They are rich in spices and colour textures, yet have low fat and oil content. But the most delightful aspect of Korean food is their hearty servings. Be it rice and soup bowls, or stir fry and noodles, the quantity is quiet staggering. If you're in the mood for a sumptuous meal, it would be a good idea to begin your Korean culinary journey with a full course meal known as 'Hanjeongsik.' Traditionally, it is served along with a number of side dishes called 'Banchan' which comprises healthy items like Kimchi(pickled cabbage), Namul(stir fry vegetables), Pickled Perilla leaves, Bean sprouts, Anchovies, and Potato Salad, amongst others. Bibimbap, a popular dish cooked with an assortment of fresh vegetables, minced meat, fried egg and other seasonings is a must-try Korean staple for non-veg lovers. Jajangmyeon, a staple Korean noodle dish prepared with black bean sauce and seaweed soup, Topokki, a pasta dish with a Korean twist made of soft rice cakes and spicy sauce, and 'Tteok' a traditional sticky-rice cake served with a range delectable toppings, are some of the most popular Korean delicacies that are sure to impress even the most discerning foodies. Wondering where to taste the best Korean food in Thailand? Then, simply visit foodpanda.

Delicious Korean food in Bangkok is an easy click away!

For the best Korean food in Bangkok, there couldn't be a better place to head to than Sukhumvit. A world-famous shopping venue, it is colloquially known as the Korea town. Home to numerous Korean fast food joints and restaurants, it offers something for exciting and memorable for every taste and budget. Having no time or inclination to actually visit the place? Well, check out our online Korean food menu and start ordering your favourite cuisines via our portal or mobile app. Take a browse through Doo Rae to enjoy authentic Korean barbecued dishes. Salroman Chicken is one awesome restaurant to savour finger-licking fried chicken varieties. If you thought Bibimbab comes in just one flavour, then The Bibimbab will prove you're wrong with its myriad combinations of rice, salad, and soup platters. Try some homemade Kimchi and classic Korean main course at Umma Dosirak. For noodle lovers, Ja Guem Song is the place to go. At foodpanda, we make the process of finding and ordering food from the best Korean restaurant in Bangkok a breeze.

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