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European Cuisine

A reminder of home with European food

Although Thai cuisine is exceptional and undoubtedly some of the most delicious and varied in the world, sometimes you may feel a little nostalgic or in need of some home comforts. The variety of European food in Bangkok is sublime and offers practically every cuisine associated with the continent of Europe. If you're in search of paella, pizza or just a bacon sandwich, foodpanda will make it decidedly easy to order European food online. There are more than 50 restaurants in the city of Bangkok which are on the foodpanda roster alone, not to mention the countless others we don't work with. Finding European food in this city couldn't really be any easier and we can assure you, the restaurants we represent are among the best in the city. We have chosen our European food restaurants carefully, making sure that a broad variety of European dining options are available for you. Many of these eateries offer a wonderful range of salads for the weight conscious and there are dozens of vegetarian options to be enjoyed too. Halal prepared dishes can be easily sought and if there is a particular health requirement you have, just mention it to our staff and we will do the searching for you. Our service is in place to guarantee you convenience, nothing more. For one of the best delivery services available, choose foodpanda to bring European food directly to you!.

Best European restaurants around Thailand.

  • Camelot Cafe, The Kebarry, EI Lugar, Brown Eyes, BKK Bagel, Soup for the Soul, Compagnie du Sandwich Chic N French (Bangkok)
  • The Coffee Club, 12 Twelve Food & Drink, Flow Cafe, Kaew Saraphad Neuk, Das Berliner, News Steaksn (Pattaya)
  • Cafe Mini, Cafe dindin, Chez Marco, Guu Fusion Roti & Tea, Chaengwiang Cheangmai, Gai´s Thai Cafe (Chiang Mai).
  • Cool Breeze, Jaihouse (Hua Hin).

European food is merely a download away!

The first thing you will need to do in order to take advantage of the foodpanda service is download and install our handy application. This is hardly a time consuming process as it will take just a few seconds. Highlight your area of residence in the city of Bangkok and we will give you an estimated delivery time. This is usually less than one hour. You can select as much as your want from the European food menus and we will take care of all the arrangements. This includes actually making the order at whatever restaurant you choose, which will alleviate any stress usually concerned with doing this yourself, confusing accents for example. We accept a variety of online payments including by credit card, however if you prefer to pay in cash, that is not a problem either.

European restaurants in Thailand

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