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Known as the Rose of the North, Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand. It's a fascinating place to visit with a huge range of temples, cafes, bars and restaurants. When it comes to food, try everything from tasty snacks at street stalls and mouth-watering curries in popular restaurants like Daret's House, The Riverside, Franco Thai and The Kafe. Set your tastebuds on fire with Massaman curry, Penang curry, tom yum salads and Khao Soi. If you fancy a night in foodpanda can provide a convenient Chiangmai delivery service, to satisfy your appetite.

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Wherever you choose to stay in the city, benefit from food delivery Chiang Mai.There's a huge range of Cuisines in Chiangmai

- Thai food to choose from to suit all tastes and budgets. How about noodles, fried rice, fish or sai ua which is minced pork, herbs, spices, lemon grass and pepper sausages - yummy!

- Best Japanese food from Taberu Suki & Grill, Saboten, Dibdee Sushi Cafe, Taishoken, Oishi, Sachi or Tomi Sushi

- Fast food? You can order burger, hot dogs from Mcdonald´s or Sushi from Oishi delivery in Chiang Mai through foodpanda everyday now

- More than 10 best International restaurants are waiting for you! Restaurant? Healthy menu from The Salad Concept, steak munu from Steak Khun jo or International cuisine-appetizer or pizza from Mix Restaurant & Bar - Chiang Mai best restaurants can be found all over town serving a combination of both Thai and Western style dishes.

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You just can't beat Chiang Mai restaurants for great menus, excellent service, a friendly atmosphere and affordable prices. Alternatively, why not order a meal through Chiangmai delivery services from popular restaurants like Subway, My Vietnam Chiangmai Noi's Kitchen, BB Burger or the Wild Boar using foodpanda website or foodpanda apps? Opt for a different combination of cuisine to get a taste of real Northern Thai cooking, spices and herbs. Nam prik noom will certainly add a spice kick. It's made from roasted green chillies, garlic, shallots and tastes great with sticky rice, vegetables or kaab moo, pork rinds.

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