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A joinery around the city of Bangkok will truly open your eyes to the world of cuisine, as there is something special from every corner of the globe which can be enjoyed right here in this city. South American, European and Middle Eastern dishes can be found on almost every street, however Oriental cuisine is abundant, including plenty of the delicious food of Vietnam. We have gathered together some of the most fabulous Vietnamese restaurants and have compacted them into our delivery roster, meaning your can tuck into the food of Vietnam without even leaving your front door. Each of the Vietnamese restaurants we cooperate with has a proven track record of success and a loyal customer base. This is not only due to the tasteful layout and design of each establishment or even the exceptional quality of customer service which you can expect. It is also because the food of Vietnam you can pick up in these restaurants is among the most delicious and varied in the city of Bangkok. We represent establishments such as Foodloft, which are synonymous with a variety of cuisines, however traditional Vietnamese restaurants feature heavily on the foodpanda armada. Phở Vân, Bin Bin Long, Eat Viet and Saigon Recipe are some of the most enjoyed Vietnamese restaurants in this city and we work with all of them.

  • By choosing to dine at these fabulous outlets, you can enjoy the scrumptious food of Vietnam at excellent prices and this includes vegetarian dishes, meats, noodles, salads and authentic Vietnamese desserts.
  • Tuck into Pho Noodle Soup with Bean Curd for a healthy start to your day or enjoy some Hue Style broth as part of a noodle specialty.
  • If you aren't feeling up to dining outside of your own four walls, there is no reason why you still can't enjoy Vietnamese food. Simply get in touch with foodpanda and we'll take care of everything.

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We will make the process of ordering the spectacular food of Vietnam for delivery as simple and convenient as possible. You will first need to download the delivery application from foodpanda and install it to your handset, a process which will take just a few moments. From here, the only thing left to do is choose the Vietnamese menu which takes your fancy the most and select your favourite dishes. We can accommodate large orders so don't hesitate to fill up your shopping cart to its full capacity. Our drivers will always do their best to drop off your food of Vietnam within the space of an hour and you can rely on a warm hearted service from foodpanda at all times. We have arranged numerous ways for you to settle the bill including with cash or a valid credit card. The staff at foodpanda look forward to meeting you.

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