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Japanese food is among one of the most popular cuisines in the world, and one of the most healthy - featuring lots of fresh fish, vegetables and rice, the national diet is thought to be one of the main reasons why Japanese people lead such long, healthy lives. The most famous Japanese delicacy is sushi, typically raw or cooked fish or seafood wrapped in seaweed and filled with rice, served cold. Other Japanese classics include Miso Soup, a popular starter of first course, and sashimi, thinly sliced raw fish or meat, such as beef. Many people are unaware that curry is also a popular Japanese dish; chicken katsu curry, is breaded, fried chicken fillets in a rich curry sauce, usually served with thick, sticky rice. Japanese food is enjoyed in many countries far away from Japan itself, including Thailand, and access to an infinite number of tasty Japanese dishes is only a few clicks away with Japanese food available from a fine local Japanese restaurant in areas all across Thailand, from Bangkok to Pattaya, Chiang Mai to Samut Prakan and beyond. Look online for your best fresh food today!

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foodpanda brings together all the best Japanese food outlets in Thailand, allowing you to quickly and easily arrange a Japanese food from a Japanese restaurant of your choice, no matter where in Thailand you live.

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Nowhere is out of reach! You'll find many well known chains, as well as small, local food establishments in the results, so you can be sure you'll find something you like. Some of the popular outlets you'll find include Blue Ocean Sushi, Taberu Suki, Tempura and Grill, Oishi and Pizza Rolla. Lots of restaurants offering Japanese food also sell a wide variety of other dishes, such as American style fast food like burgers or pizzas, or English favourites like fish and chips. Most also offer delicious freshly cooked local delicacies, like red and green Thai curries, rice noodles and som tam and kai yang. So whether one or all of your dining party is a particular eater, you are bound to find a suitable option for everyone.

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Japan is famous not only for its cuisine but also for its hot and cold beverages! In many Japanese cafes and fast food outlets you'll find favourites like bubble tea, cold tea with tapioca, a popular trend all across Asia, as well as stalwarts like green tea, which can be enjoyed ice cold and piping hot, even mixed with a little sugar and other flavours such as honey, apple and pear. All sorts of teas are available on most menus, like herbal teas, refreshing mint tea or relaxing camomile or jasmine tea. Or you can enjoy western style drinks like cold sodas include Coca Cola, Pepsi and Sprite or a range of healthy fruit juices and thick, delicious cold milkshakes.




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