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What better way to finish of an amazing Thai takeaway than with a wonderful Thai dessert? Getting a dessert delivery is so easy when you use our service, as we have put together a fantastic selection of Bangkok dessert options for you to browse at a glance. All it takes is a few clicks and your Thai dessert will be on its way to you; you do not even have to leave the comfort of the couch. So, why not take a look at our Thai dessert range right now and order yourself in something for later?

Types of Thai dessert delivery you simply must try

Broaden your tastes by trying a different Bangkok dessert each time that you get a dessert deliveryfrom a Thai restaurant. Here are a few classic Thai desserts that will really indulge your senses:

  1. Mango sticky rice, mango sorbet, or anything with mango: sweet and sumptuous and very refreshing for the palate
  2. Banana fritters: preferably served with traditional Asian ice cream, this is the perfect indulgent end to a Thai banquet
  3. Ice cream: while we're on the subject of ice cream, this category of Thai dessert really needs its own section. Try coconut and lychee flavours for a taste sensation.

Thai dessert delivery for all

Many Thai desserts are naturally vegan (as coconut milk rather than dairy milk is a staple feature here of mousses, rice puddings, and ice creams), and plenty are super low in fat and low in calories too. But, if it is a naughty indulgence you are after, you will find that a Bangkok dessert menu will have just what you are looking for as well. In short, there are Thai desserts to suit all tastes.

When to order in a dessert delivery

Anytime! Thai dessert is great to round off a romantic meal at home with your partner, and it is perfect for kids' parties and film nights with housemates too. Another great idea is to order yourself a Thai dessert for your lunch or coffee break at work, as this is the ideal way to perk yourself up and get yourself ready for the rest of the working day ahead

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