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Home to spectacular high-rise buildings, magnificent temples and palaces, bustling markets and pulsating nightlife scenes, Bangkok, Thailand's capital city, features a diverse selection of restaurants that offer something unique and exciting for every taste. Thanks to India's influence in the Thai culture, as well as the immigrant population, you can find plenty of amazing Indian restaurants in Bangkok. Indian food mainly consists of rice, wheat, pulses and vegetables. Fabulously, the food in India is as diverse as the country. From idilies, dosas and vadas of South India to paneer butter masala, tandoori chicken and Romali rotis of North India to vada pav, chaat and dum aaloo of West India, the food varieties in India are mind-blowing. And with foodpanda, now you can order all these and many other scrumptious foods from an Indian restaurant in Bangkok at a click of the button. Ever tried Hyderabadi Biryani? How about Lassi? Tasted Madras filter coffee? Simply visit our portal and order your favourite food choices from the best Indian restaurant in Bangkok and get them delivered right at your doorsteps

Indian restaurant in Bangkok: so many to choose from at foodpanda

Perhaps, you have newly moved to the city and are craving for authentic Indian food. But you have no clue which Indian restaurant in Bangkok  to visit. Well, simply head to foodpanda and check out our handpicked Indian restaurants in Bangkok. We feature some of the most popular restaurants including Indian Hut, Mrs. Balbir's Indian Cuisines, and Indus amongst others. In fact, you can also pick a restaurant with our genuine customer ratings. Vegetarian or non-vegetarian, breakfast or dinner, our choice of restaurants will make your hunt for finger-licking Indian food in Bangkok a breeze. What's more, now you can even download our mobile app and order food from almost anywhere, while working at office or stuck in traffic

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Whether you have no time to cook food at home, wish to indulge in a royal feast on a lazy Sunday afternoon or need some fresh beverages in the middle of the night to keep you awake, foodpanda will satisfy all your culinary cravings. With our online Indian food delivery in Bangkok available to serve you round-the-clock, you will never again have to disappoint your taste buds

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