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Enjoy fantastic French food and other Western dishes in Thailand

The cuisines of countries such as Germany, Switzerland and France are rich and varied. Whether you enjoy a classic coq au vin from France or some hearty schnitzel from Germany, there is no denying that French food and German food offer plenty to delight the palate. These are the regions of elegant sauces, comforting meat dishes, healthy salads, playful pastries and much more. You can have a wonderful time exploring the French and German menus that we have put together at foodpanda and choosing what it is you are going to eat. Mix and match foods from France and Germany, try out classic national dishes, or go on a journey of gastronomic exploration and order in some dishes that you have never tried - or perhaps never even heard of - before. French and German food is sure to put a smile on your face at any time of day or year.

Getting in some French food from a local restaurant is the perfect way to relax

A takeaway of German food or French food is the ideal accompaniment to a relaxing evening in. You can use our Western food menus in so many different ways. Order in a delivery makanan so that you can surprise your spouse or partner with a three course meal. Or, order in a platter of food from a French or German restaurant to cater for a party or other gathering in your home. When it comes to quick snacks, this is something that the cuisines of countries like France, Switzerland and Germany do very well. Grab a delicious German sausage or a plate of frites from France or Belgium on your way home for a night out, or indeed any time that you need some classic, well prepared fast food to satisfy all of your hunger cravings.

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We make the process of ordering in a wonderful meal or snack of French food as easy as can be. Browsing our French food menu is so fun and quick: you can see at a glance just what is on offer, which is perfect for when you need some freshly cooked food fast. When you order, an expert chef in a French or German restaurant in your local area will then get right on it, preparing a delicious Western meal for you to perfection. All that you need to do is sit back and relax as you wait for your food to arrive. France and Germany are lands of fine wines, so you could spend the short time between ordering your takeaway and its arrival deciding what it is that you are going to drink with your meal. A French or German wine will surely go down a treat with some freshly cooked cuisine from these imaginative foodie countries.

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