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Thai dessert to finish off a cultural night

A trip to Thailand will really open your eyes in terms of its remarkable culture and history, unusual places to visit and of course, the mesmerising cuisine. Enjoying a Thai dessert is something that should really be done with family or close friends. Watch the faces of your companions light up with happiness as they tuck into some of the most unique and unforgettable cuisine this planet has to offer. Forget the western simplicity of a strawberry cheesecake, the dessert menu roster on offer to you from foodpanda will give you plenty to bring your dining to a satisfactory end. There are literally dozens of restaurants which offer a choice of desserts and we feel confident that you will be thrilled every time. If you live in this beautiful country already, you will be completely aware of just how scrumptious both the sweet and savoury dishes are. Perhaps:

  • a Japanese dessert will tempt your sweet tooth today instead!
  • Thai desserts are incredibly unique and are prepared with the same passion as the nations favourite savoury numbers such as Pad Thai and Khao Pad. But where exactly can you pick up these delicious pallets?
  • International desserts.

A Thai dessert is never far away

There are several restaurants in every major city which offer Thai desserts at excellent prices. Even a wander into the more rural areas of Thailand will give you plenty of options. Restaurants such as Three Little Pigs, Mango Bellini, Vanille Eclair from Let them eat cake restaurant, Thai Mix Dessert, Gingko in Ginger Soup, Mini Green Dumplin from Sweet time restaurant, Chocolate Croissant, Almond Croissant, Raspberry Croissant, Sweet cheese Croissant from Au Bon Pain and Foodloft offer a variety of world cuisines ranging from Mexican to Russian, with Oriental desserts making appearances on both menus. Whether you are visiting Hua Hin in the south or Chiang Mai in the north, you will come across a variety of unique eateries and there are many restaurants which specialise entirely on deserts and sweets. Sweet Stories and Let Them Eat Cake are classic examples of this fact and dining at any of these is completely affordable. Why not do it the Thai way and enjoy a selection of different Thai desserts with your companions. Asking for a number of empty plates is the norm and once your desserts have been placed in the centre of the table, you will be able to fire at will and enjoy several different flavours in one sitting.

Have your Thai dessert delivered with foodpanda

Our application couldn't be easier to install and our service is easy to operate, meaning that you can indulge in a fabulous [strong]Thai dessert[/strong] in no time at all. The foodpanda application will give you undisputed access to a wide variety of dessert menus, meaning you can satisfy your sweet tooth from the comfort of your own abode. Rummaging through these dessert menus is a great idea if you have an upcoming celebration and we guarantee a speedy delivery with every order. You can settle your transaction using a credit card or cash.

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