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The taste of Thailand is spellbinding and aromatic to say the last and Northern Thai food offers no exceptions whatsoever. At the heart of this nations culinary pleasures, Northern Thai cuisine is versatile and full of flavour, with something to impress anyone with a passion for new dishes and experiences. The flavours of Northern Thailand are among some of the most loved in the country and contain just as many spices associated with the south of the Thailand. This makes many of these dishes as enjoyable for anyone who likes to have their taste buds tingled with every spoonful. Although spicy dishes such as Som Tum are thoroughly enjoyed by thousands of visitors, they are not for everyone. Northern Thai food is a vast spectacle of delicious curries and soups and is a fantastic introduction to many Siamese flavours which have been introduced by the people of the north. Bursting with flavour and complimented by a variety of carefully prepared seasonings, this cuisine adopts a number of mild spices to give it such unique aromas and flavours. Taking notable influences from Burmese cuisine, the cuisine associated with regions such as Isaan closely resembles that of neighbouring countries like Cambodia and Laos. Sticky rice plays an important role throughout many of the amazing dishes and the sharing of these different flavours with companions will give you a real insight into the Thai way of life. Even if you are too exhausted to leave the house, there is no reason why you can't enjoy Northern Thai cuisine and foodpanda is here at your service.

A pallet of enjoyment with Northern Thai food

There are hundreds of amazing restaurants dotted up and down the country which will dazzle you with their selection of Northern Thai food. The Sabaijai restaurant is renowned for its high quality cooking and friendly selection of local staff, and with a comprehensive arsenal of dishes, you can be positive of finding something you will love forever. Have a Zeed by Steak Lao is a fabulous example of a restaurant which impresses with every dish. Using spices and seasonings to their maximum potential, this is one establishment which you won't forget in a hurry. Other frequently credited restaurants which serve Northern Thai grub include Kubkao Kubpla, Somtum Der, Hung Sen and Sawang Hua Lumpong.

  • Spicy Isaan Pork Cartilage Soup
  • Grilled Beef and Spicy Salad Mixed with Roasted Minced Rice
  • Tubekad Himping Thai Boat Noodle
  • Tum Thai Kai Kem
  • Marinated Ark Shell Papaya Salad
  • Tum Suo Sakonakorn

Order noodles from the best restaurants in Chiang Mai

Wherever you are in Chiang Mai, from the Old City to the riverside, you can order any kind of noodles to satisfy your cravings. Whether you prefer your noodles served with chicken, beef, duck or seafood, or as part of hot, filling and comforting soup, you can find a dish to suit the tastes of every member of your dining party, that fit with everyone's budget to boot. You can choose between traditional Thai and Japanese noodles and even add a healthy salad. If not everyone wants to order noodles you won't be short on options, as many of the noodle restaurants in Chiang Mai also offer alternatives such as pasta, sushi and soup.

Foodpanda are here to deliver Northern Thai food

You can enjoy Northern Thai food from your very own balcony as you watch the sun set if you wish. We at foodpanda are committed to excellence and deliver Northern Thai cuisine in almost every major city in the country.


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