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Bangkok and its wealth of noodles restaurants

A realm of culture and cuisine is an eloquent way to sum up the magnificent and curious capital of Thailand. Bangkok is famed for its flamboyant street life, majestic temples and its amazing people who have made visiting a joy for tourists for many decades. A journey down any city street is likely to capture the attention of your senses as you will be paraded with lights, sounds and an abundance of different aromas. You won't have to look very far for noodles restaurants as they gracefully line almost every street in the centre of Bangkok. For less than $2, you will be able to fill your face with some of the most mesmerising noodle dishes available in the southeast of Asia, a price which will keep you returning for more on a daily basis. The noodles restaurants here are generally ran by Thai families who have spent their lives perfecting the crafts taught to them by past generations. Each of the noodles restaurants in Bangkok offers its own charm and culinary tactics,. however they all share the commonality of being humble and charming. Dining at any of the noodles restaurants in Bangkok will open your eyes to the magic of Thai culture and you never know, you might even pick up a few words of the local lingo during your dining experience. Many of these enchanting restaurants offer a delivery service and at foodpanda, we are delighted to deliver to practically any area of the city. Some of the best restaurants of this variety in Bangkok include...

  • Wattana Panich
  • Bangkok Noodle
  • Hongkong Noodle
  • You & Mee
  • Gai Thong
  • Erawan Cafe

Different dishes at every noodles restaurants

An assortment of flavours will be presented to you, regardless of which noodles restaurants you visit. Dry pork noodles are often accompanied with compliments of fish balls and a range of condiments for you to experiment with. If you like your dishes spicy, you will have a variety of chilli concoctions to add to your meal. Dishes such as Rad Na will deliver amazing culinary memories and offer that essential flavour associated with the best of Thai cuisine. Heavily inspired by chinese cooking methods, this fried rice noodle dish features a twist of Thai thanks to the seasoning and garnishes. A bowl of Bangkok's famous boat noodles will give you a wonderful beefy sensation which will remain delightfully in the back of your mouth for several minutes after finishing. There are countless other dishes available at these amazing Bangkok restaurants, however you must experience these wonders for yourself before deciding on your favourite. Our staff are highly competent and can deliver the wonderful dishes from noodles restaurants to your door within an hour of ordering. Give us your address, choose your payment method and enjoy one of Thailand's most loved dishes.

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