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Spicy meats, smoked dips, and delicious flat breads are just a few of the key ingredients of middle eastern food. From hearty falafel to mixed grills and pitta surrounded by chickpea or aubergine sauces, this regional cuisine is all about mixing together different small dishes and flavours for a real feast. A meal of middle eastern food is whatever you want it to be, so you can choose from the restaurants on offer in your city for lunch, dinner, and snacks. Middle eastern cuisine is great for sharing, so it is perfect for a large dinner with friends and family. Or, use it to create a romantic dinner with yourself and your partner if you prefer.

Is middle eastern food healthy?

  1. Beirut Restaurant or Cafe´de Beyrouth with Tabuleh, Mixed Grill, Falafel Sandwich, Shiche Taouk Chicken.
  2. Arabesque restaurant with Baba Ghannoush (salads), Chicken Kishk Tajeen, Oriental Green Salad, Fattoj.
  3. Umma Dosirak (Sukhumvit31): Bulgogi/Stir Fried Beef set, Jaeuk/Stir Fried Spicy Pock Set.
  4. Al Nafoora menu: Falafel, Hummus, Moutabel, Baba Ghanouj, Lamb Samosa.
  5. Alif Laila (Arabic Menu): Breakfast with Vegatable Cutlets, Broan Beans, Fired Eggs, Rice with Lamb In Tomato Rice, Chicken In Tomato Rice, Fish In Tomato Rice.

This region's cuisine is accepted to be nutritious and healthy, mainly because the cooking is done with healthy olive oil. Food from the middle east also typically features plenty of vegetables and grains, which provide vitamins, minerals, and lean proteins. Of course, that doesn't mean that middle eastern food isn't indulgent. In fact, this is one of the best types of cuisine to come to for a huge banquet, or for a sweet and delectable dessert. Why not take a look at the middle eastern menus that we have put together for you on our site, and order some amazing middle eastern food in for tonight?

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We make it super easy to satisfy those cravings for middle eastern cuisine. On our site, you can see at a glance what middle eastern dishes are available in restaurants near you. Pick your favourite restaurant or let your choice be guided by the dishes that you want to try. Then, just let us know what you want to eat and where you are and we will do the rest. You can have a delivery of middle eastern cuisine made to anywhere you like. Try getting some middle eastern dishes ordered to your home to coincide with your arrival from work, for instance. Or, celebrate your birthday with a huge platter of middle eastern cuisine for everyone to share. You can also order a delivery of pitta, dips, and grilled meats into your work for a quick and motivating lunch.

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