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As one of the largest cities in the world, it's no surprise that you will be able to find a Korean food menu in Bangkok. This incredible city has tonnes to offer, from nightlife and entertainment to scenery and culture, not to mention the range of cuisines here exceeds that of most other world cities. There are several Korean restaurants dotted throughout the city of Bangkok and foodpanda works with some of the best. You may have heard the famous dance song 'Gangnam Style', well amazingly enough there is a restaurant in Bangkok which goes by exactly the same name. Fried and steamed rice dishes are abundant here, with an assortment of noodle specialties thrown in for good measure. Separate meat menus enable you to mix and match according to your preference, so you can enjoy as many different flavours as you wish on one plate. However what is the secret to this Korean food menu? The fact that all the chefs are from the area of Gangnam, Seoul is no surprise, however it is their culinary heritage which has enabled them to create these divine dishes which can be enjoyed by you for excellent prices. The Bibimbay, School Food and Bonchon Chicken are just a few more examples of Korean restaurants in this city with proven reputations. Each outlet offers a unique Korean food menu with plenty of appetising starters, mains, deserts, snacks and beverages just waiting to be discovered by you. So what are you waiting for? Start your search now for some of the most expansive and intriguing Korean food menus in the city of Bangkok. We are even on hand to assist you with delivery, should you feel the desire to dine in your own abode.

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  1. Salroman Chicken menu: Boneless Yangyom Chicken, Teriyaki Chicken.
  2. Gangnam Style menu: Tteokbokki, Rabboki, Dak Gang Jeong.
  3. Umma Dosirak (Sukhumvit31): Bulgogi/Stir Fried Beef set, Jaeuk/Stir Fried Spicy Pock Set.
  4. Sukishi menu: Sukishi Bento Sashimi Set with Chawanmushi, Katsu-Toji Set, Salmon Teriyaki or Shioyaki Set.
  5. Kyochon menu: Middle Wing/Wing Stick, Drum Stick, Soy Sal Sal,

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