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What makes German food so delicious?

When it comes to fast food, the Germans have got it sorted. Try a delectable German sausage or Bratwurst, a filling meat Schnitzel complete with creamy, peppery sauce or a fruity freshly baked cake. German food is ideal any time of day, whether as a main meal or as a snack, and we have put together a collection of the very best restaurants serving French, Swiss and German cuisine so you can see what is on offer at a glance.

Four recommendations for amazing online takeouts offering German food

It is so hard trying to suggest just four places where you can find fantastic German food, as in fact there are so many to choose from! But, here are four establishments we are confident you will enjoy:

  • Le Lapin: a wonderful place to get a quick and easy lunch of healthy, freshly prepared Western food.
  • Bei Otto: this restaurant is the smart choice for anyone who wants to experience truly authentic German cooking. From its genuine Swabian style potato salad to its German breakfast platter and German sausage served with piping hot mashed potato, Bei Otto has all that you need to regale your German parents-in-law with a taste of the homeland.
  • Love Me Tender: lots of German food is based around hunting, and Love Me Tender is a meat themed paradise for anyone seeking a heart main meal. One of the great things about this takeaway is the fact that as well as hot main dishes you can also order in frozen lamb shanks and other cuts of meat to cook yourself at home.
  • Versatile and always delicious, German food is the ultimate comfort food.

Three ways to eat a German sausage

The German sausage is a real staple of German cuisine, and it can be eaten in so many different ways. One simple way to eat this delicacy is with sauce: try it with yellow mustard or ketchup, or do as the Germans do and add a little curry sauce on top. Or, how about opting for a German sausage on a bed of potato salad, made Swabian style? Or, thirdly, munch it in a sandwich with a slice or two of classic German cheese and a few salad leaves on top.

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