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A visit to a Chinese restaurant will deliver some of the most instantly recognisable cuisine on the planet, complimented by a warm and friendly service. Chinese food employs a variety of cooking techniques and incorporates a wealth of different ingredients which are masterfully blended with spices and herbs, helping to create an assortment of appealing aromas. Finding a Chinese restaurant in Bangkok will not be a struggle as there is an entire area of town devoted to this culture and cuisine. Whether you are looking for classy establishments and premium service or hole in the wall eateries who serve cheap and cheerful snacks, your search will not be in vein. foodpanda has put together an exciting roster of outlets and each Chinese restaurant we work with offers something spectacular and unique. From Dragon Xpress and Hungry Eye to Hongmin and Peking Restaurant, we have selected a Chinese restaurant to cater for practically every budget and preference, however always welcome your feedback and suggestions. If you think we're missing something, please don't hesitate to inform us and we will look into it immediately. Nevertheless, regardless of your preference, we're sure you'll locate the best Chinese restaurant in Bangkok somewhere in our culinary arsenal. We only work with reputable companies who serve some of the most delicious, original and freshly prepared Chinese food in the country so drop your guard for the evening and trust our judgement and expertise. We know just how tiring the working day can be, however as you're just preparing to relax with a mug of your favourite beverage, our working day is just beginning and we are eager to deliver a first class service backboned by relentless professionals.

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We are fairly certain there is a Chinese restaurant in Bangkok situated closely to where you are, regardless of which area of the city your are currently residing. By punching in your address in our search bar, you will be advised of every Chinese restaurant within a reasonable radius and made aware of the average waiting times from each outlet. The menus of each Chinese restaurant can be viewed in full and from here, ordering is as simple as can be made. Your only responsibility is to choose the dishes that appeal to you the most and settle your bill with us. You won't even need to talk to anyone over the phone as everything is conducted online. Downloading our application to your Smartphone or Android device takes a matter of minutes, eliminating the need for a computer. The foodpanda reputation is among the best on Earth in regards to delivery services and we guarantee Chinese food will always be brought to you as quickly as possible. Our staff are incredibly friendly and sociable and to make payment easier for you, we now also accept Paypal as a primary payment method.

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