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Ordering Thai food from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

Keen for a delicious bowl of pad thai, a creamy and silky red curry, or some fiery noodles flavoured with all of the chilli you can handle and topped with tasty tofu? It's definitely time for a Thai food delivery! Order online and you will be enjoying spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce, sweetcorn cakes, veggie tempura and tempting pad thai dishes in no time.

Which Bangkok Thai food delivery service will you choose?

Bangkok is home to some truly astounding Thai restaurants, and it would be impossible to list all of the amazing places where you can order online in this city. Nevertheless, we thought we'd provide you with a little taser of the types of Thai food delivery service that you can find on our site. So, here are some fabulous places to grab Thai food in Bangkok:

  • Ror Ruea: Food For Thought: a lovely place for authentic Thai cuisine. Grilled beef, chicken in coconut soup and seasoned tuna are just a few of the options when you order online here.
  • Tamnak Isan: If you want to try fried chicken, Thai style, then Tamnak Isan is the Thai food delivery restaurant of your dreams. From fried wings in a tasty batter to fried strip beef and even fried duck lips, you will be in fried food heaven here!
  • Guu Roti & Tea: a great place for a coffee and cake delivery that will help you to catch up with friends in style. There are lots of amazing teas, sodas and milo drinks available here and you can combine them with sweet honey or egg roti for an amazing brunch.

If you happen to be in Samut Prakan, feel free to find your favourite options from our Thai food delivery in Samut Prakan.

Meet the dish: Pad thai

Pad thai is one of the most popular Thai dishes to order online. But what is it? Well, pad thai is a tempting mix of noodles, fish sauce (which you can ignore, if you want a veggie version), tamarind paste and delectable veggies. Restaurants customise this dish in all kinds of ways, for instance, by adding broccoli to the bok choi or by stirring in strips of marinated beef - or even adding some hard boiled eggs.

Order online with ease in Bangkok

At foodpanda, we want nothing more than to make your life easy. That is why we always take care to make sure that your Thai food delivery arrives quickly.

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