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Ordering Sushi from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

Every time that you order sashimi online for a big date night dinner, or grab a few items from a sushi menu for lunch, it feels like a real treat. The artistically prepared nigri and California rolls are eye catchingly delicious, and the tastes of crunchy veggies, wasabi and balancing soy are out fo this world. Indulge in a few sushi shaped treats from a Bangkok restaurant menu today and give yourself a feast both for the eyes and for the stomach.

Top places to order sashimi online

All of the sushi places on our website come with our seal of approval. If you want to have a little look at the types of restaurants on offer here, why not scan this tasty list of places you can order sashimi online in Bangkok?

  • Mogu Mogu: this authentic Japanese restaurant provides superb sushi delivery options. They come in the form of carefully arranged bento boxes which are great for a lunch in the office.
  • Ryoshi: specialising in all things seafood, Ryoshi naturally has a fabulous selection of sushi on its menu. Try the hamachi nigri and the ebi with cheese and continue on from there, building your dream sushi platter.
  • Neko Salmon: Neko is Japanese for 'cat', a famous fish loving animal! Here, our expert cat has created some lovely light dishes, including tempura rolls that are perfect for sharing with friends.

Find the sushi delivery hat best suits you

When you order sashimi online, you can get the sushi delivery of your dreams - even if you don't like classics like nigri or even seafood flavours at all. Sushi menu options in Bangkok are very varied. You can opt for marinated meats other than fish if you prefer, and diners can also enjoy a sushi delivery that is totally veggie or vegan if that fits in better with their dietary choices.

Love sushi? Get your meal in no time in Bangkok

Speed and customer comfort are right at the heart of our delivery service. When you order sashimi online from one of our fabulous menu options, we will instantly spring into action. A fantastic local sushi chef will instantly start preparing your order according to your specifications and meanwhile, one of our drivers will already have kick started their vehicle to zoom off and pick it up.

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