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Ordering Seafood from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

Delicious, sweet seafood and fish are always a favourite for elegant dining and high level entertaining. With spectacular shellfish and crustaceans available, and many different ways to cook them, Bangkok has a great selection of whatever you like to order online. There's a wide range of cuisines that also specialise and use seafood a lot, and Chinese, French, Italian and Greek are just a few. However, if the flavour of the sea is your taste, and you're looking for a low fat, healthy way to eat, then there's lots of more low budget options too, so read on.

Sashimi and Seafood delivery to order online at any time

So, what if you're meeting important clients after work and want a light, but impressive option to have with drinks? How about Sashimi? This Japanese dish of raw fish is increasingly becoming popular. The fish needs to be exceptionally fresh and expertly cut, but apart from that it's simple dish that's freely available. Then there's lower key places where you can get some lovely fresh fish and seafood that's great to share with friends, see below for some great places to try:

  • ✓ At, The Manhattan Fish Market, they have a great selection of American inspired seafood and fish, try, 'Mediterranean baked fish' succulent and tasty with vegetables.
  • ✓ For Sashimi lovers everywhere, try the wonderful, Ryoshi, and try an 'Arata Set', which is a mixture of the freshest fish. Delicious and impressive!
  • ✓ If mussels are your thing try the Italian restaurant, Olive Fusion where you can get three different kinds of sauce on your mussels.

Many options for Seafood delivery for social and everyday occasions

The great thing about foodpanda is that they are great for everyday and last minute food orders, but also you can order and plan ahead for a dinner party or special occasions. This works well for Seafood and Sashimi wherever you are in Bangkok.

Seafood delivery anywhere in Bangkok

So, whether you want a grand Chinese banquet of shellfish, or a simple fish supper, foodpanda can deliver. The app is also powerful, just download to your phone and you can order online in super quick time.

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