Order Pizza Online in Bangkok Today!

Ordering Pizza from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

Whether you like a classic margarita or a pizza loaded with all of the toppings you can find, a vegan option, something super spicy or even a sweet pizza for dessert, you can rest assured that Bangkok's pizza delivery restaurants will have something to make your mouth water. Order online today and enjoy an authentic Italian dish with roots in ancient Rome - and a dish that has become a hallmark of fantastic fast food all over the world.

Which Pizza menu will you choose today?

Our restaurant menu list contains only the very best places to order online when you are seeking a pizza in Bangkok. Need a few quick pieces of inspiration? Try these eateries for size (and remember to browse the full list as soon as you have time):

  • The Pizza Company: an excellent choice for anyone who likes their pizza done the Italian way. Think stuffed crusts, seafood specials, extra toppings and lashings of mozzarella cheese and you get the picture with this pizza delivery service.
  • Grazie Pizza & Pasta: great for a gourmet Italian meal on a special evening, the menu here includes delights such as salsiccia pizza (topped with egg and sausages), salmon pizza and Caesar salad on the side.
  • Pizza Hut: this pizza delivery option has become a household name. Its fabulous kids menu means that it is a good go-to restaurant to order online from when you are catering for a children's party.

Make your pizza delivery extra special

Your Indian food delivery order will not be complete without the delicious addition of the right beverages, starters and sides. Try poppadoms, bhaji and pakora to start, and consider grabbing a lassi (flavours come in a great range from salt to sweet mango) to wash everything down. Indian regional beers are also a delicious complement to an Indian food delivery. Finally, check out Indian desserts, which are typically opulently sweet and flavoured with banana, mango and heavenly cardamom.

From online menu to your table - in no time!

Placing an order in Bangkok with foodpanda can be done super quickly (in fact, many of our customers find that it can be done in less than 60 seconds flat when they are pressed for time). Delivery is fast, too, and eco friendly - what more could you want when you are feeling hungry and decided to order online and get some pizza.

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