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Ordering Korean food from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

Hearty bibimbap bowls, tofu curries, sweet steamed buns and spicy fried chicken wings are just a few of the treats that await you when you decide to get a Korean food delivery from a local restaurant. Order online and you can get tasty, authentic Korean dishes at any time of day. Celebrate a friend's birthday with a surprise curry, grab some rich tofu and seafood soup for lunch, or treat yourself to some cool red bean ice cream on a hot and sunny day.

A few of the great Korean food delivery services we have found for you

The range of Japanese food delivery services in Bangkok is absolutely stunning, and we do recommend that you take the time to browse the full range of superb menus that we have found for you. If you are really in a rush, though, and just want to order sushi online, or grab some tofu, as quickly as you can, why not just pick one of the three eateries listed below?

  • Kiami: from the kimchi soup to the bibimbap with pork or egg, this eatery offers Korean classics all the way.
  • Dae Jang Guem: soups, marinated meats, scrumptious noodles and stir fries with a choice of sides are all available to order online here.
  • So Baan: chicken wings dominate the menu here, but there are plenty of other options, including soft tofu stews and braised mackerel. Delicious!

Meet the bibimbap: one of Korean's most famous dishes

One thing that Bangkok's Korean menus tend to have in common is that almost all of them offer one classic dish: the bibimbap. The name of this dish literally translates 'mixed rice' and so you will not be surprised to find out that this is a rice based dish usually topped with marinated meats (beef is popular though veggies and vegans can get a meatless or tofu topped version) and then finished off with cooked veg, kimchi, soy sauce and an egg. No wonder this Korean food delivery mainstay is hailed as the champion of comfort food.

Order Korean food online with the utmost convenience

When you order online with foodpanda in Bangkok, you can always rest assured that you will have a great experience. Our drivers prioritise getting your order to you as quickly as can be, and we have also streamlined our website so that the ordering process itself can be wrapped up in seconds.

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