Order Japanese food Online in Bangkok Today!

Ordering Japanese food from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

Bangkok is an amazing city to get Japanese food delivered to your door, and there are menu options to suit all diners. Order sushi online for a light lunch (or perhaps a platter of food for all the guests to enjoy as the drinks flow at a party), or opt for soothing bowls of curry and rice on a rainy evening in. Our Japanese food delivery services also do delicious beverages and classic Japanese snacks and desserts such as mochi or rice cakes.

Treat yourself to a delicious Japanese food delivery today

The range of Japanese food delivery services in Bangkok is absolutely stunning, and we do recommend that you take the time to browse the full range of superb menus that we have found for you. If you are really in a rush, though, and just want to order sushi online, or grab some tofu, as quickly as you can, why not just pick one of the three eateries listed below?

  • Hunter Poke: this restaurant is famous for its 'signature bowls' which can either come ready made (such as the 'sexy salmon' menu item which features rice, salmon, sauces and green veg), or which you can create from scratch according to your requirements using the fun 'Build Your Own' option.
  • Yooidon: a fabulous option is you are seeking somewhere a little more fancy in Bangkok. Gyoza, smooth soups and tasty rice and flavoursome meat combos all await you at this gorgeous and elegant Japanese food delivery service.
  • OOTOYA: a great place to order sushi online, this Bangkok eatery does some lovely bento sets which are perfect for an all in one lunch.

A Japanese food delivery brings joy to any occasion

Whether you are sharing sushi with a friend or bringing some surprise dumplings to your colleague's desk as they bury themselves in a big project, treating a date to a sumptuous mix of teriyaki salmon and katsu curry or sampling the latest gourmet tofu and edamame dish, there is no denying that a few menu items from a Japanese restaurant will put a smile on everyone's face.

Order sushi online - and it will arrive before you know it

At foodpanda, we want you to have a great experience every time that you order sushi online in Bangkok. From the menu to your door: the whole process usually takes under 30 minutes.

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