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Who would have wondered that a pile of flour, water, cheese and a couple of tomatoes could perform so many wonders? The fact is that Italian cuisine has been around for centuries, having grown and spread to become one of the most renowned and widely appreciated cuisines worldwide. Acclaimed for a relatively minimal use of ingredients which shall, imperatively, breathe freshness from every pore - you are now able to savour, among a wide selection of other delicacies, your steaming hot oven-fired Margherita pizza or a juicy Spaghetti Carbonara at the distance of a click and in the blink of an eye!

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Whether your crave calls for a loaded pepperoni cheese pizza or something lighter such as an Italian pasta salad or a simple tomato pasta, be sure to browse through foodpanda to find numerous quality options which can cater for your Italian food desires in Pattaya. To name just a few of the restaurants which could certainly provide your palate with something special in Pattaya:

  • ✓ Pizza Pizza
  • ✓ Pizza Big
  • ✓ Livv Finest Food

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All in all, it has to be said that gathering a selection of the best Italian food restaurants in town, accompanied by a rating system and reliable delivery service all in one place is a great time saver that could put a big smile on the whole family or an entire office's face. That's right - if you order online through foodpanda, not only can you choose to have your steaming hot delicacies delivered to wherever you want, but you can also surprise your colleagues at work with a special treat. With easy and fast access granted to each menu available to choose and order from, you can also be sure to profit from regular price discounts when choosing to order and have your food delivered by us - what is that for a win-win deal? That said, we can already hear the rattling of the melting cheese from your freshly baked wood-fired pizza; not to worry, it will be at your doorstep in less than no time!

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