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Ordering Italian food from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

There's no doubt about it, Italian food is one of the worlds best loved cuisines. There's lots of delicious reasons for this, but one things for sure, Italian food travels well because it's super tasty and the ingredients are balanced and colourful. This is also a heathy cuisine that uses os many good ingredients like tomatoes, olive oil and garlic, that have well known effects on your health. There's also a sociability about eating Italian food which makes it great for many occasions, and a classy, glamorous touch which makes it ideal for romantic dinners and also business entertaining.

Order online for dinner parties and everyday pasta

Italian food delivery is very popular because like all great cuisines, it has simple food that's wonderful for a homely dinner, and complex and grand dishes which work well for business entertaining. Pasta and Pizza are favourites that fill you up and have lots of different toppings. There's also wonderful delicatessen, cheeses and desserts to choose from, making Italian a stylish choice for romantic dinners and business events alike, so check out this list for a few order online ideas:

  • ✓ At Sfizio they have a range of delicious pasta dishes great for a lunch or romantic dinner, try classic, 'Carbonara Pasta' with a creamy sauce, delicious with a crisp salad.
  • ✓ Try this elegant treat; Lobster soup, and Rack of Lamb with red wine sauce for a romantic dinner at Franco's Restaurant & Bar.
  • ✓ At Sole Mio, the 'Seabass Mediterranean style' is a delicious, grand way to impress clients.

Italian food delivery in Bangkok is as flexible as you are

Wherever you are, foodpanda will deliver, whether at office, or home or even out in the park! Just download the powerful app, and ordering is easy. You can also order online ahead for special occasions or business lunches too.

A wide variety of Italian food delivery available in Bangkok

The great thing about Italian food is that there is a lot of choice in Bangkok, so whether you want a simple Pasta for lunch, Pizza for you and some friends on a Saturday night, or five star dining, it's all here on foodpanda's pages.

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