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A healthy food delivery in Bangkok can be a vibrant, tasty and exciting way to give your body a treat. Care for your well being with rainbow coloured salads, freshly blended smoothies, grilled veg and pasta dishes and other healthy meals. A healthy food delivery never has to be boring, and we have made sure that there are lots of options for veggies and vegans in our list of healthy meals to order online in Bangkok - as well as options for other special diets, too.

A few healthy food delivery options for you in Bangkok

Bangkok is home to a plethora of restaurants that provide healthy meals to order online at your convenience. Here are a few examples to get your mouth watering. But, do browse our entire healthy food delivery list to see all of the wondrous options that we have found for you!

  • Al Rawche Lebanese Restaurant: Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food is very healthy as it is, and this Bangkok restaurant serves up an enticing array of hummus, salads, falafel and warming, filling lentil and vegetable soups.
  • Saigon Recipe: if you like Vietnamese cuisine, then Saigon Recipe is a great place to order healthy meals. There are lots of great salads and soups here that are perfect for a light lunch, but you can also find delicacies such as feather light rice paper cakes filled with tofu and crunchy veg.
  • Mix and Munch: this eco friendly eatery makes healthy meals for meat eaters, veggies and vegans too. Lean meats, rice bowls, quinoa are all ready to order online. There is also a very good range of vegan cakes for afters!

On a health kick? Order online in Bangkok today!

Whether you are after something mild or spicy, vegan or meaty, filling and feast like or quick and snack like, you will find everything that you need here! There is no need to skimp on dessert, either, as there are inventive fruit salads, vegan cakes, layer yoghurts, froyo options and lots of other healthy dessert dishes available in Bangkok's eateries.

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