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Delicious, pretty, sweet and wonderful desserts and sweets make life fun! After a hard days' work or as a reward for passing an exam, desserts are life's little rewards. Right from fortune cookies, those little bits of biscuit with a tiny little message of hope and fun, to Thai delicacy, 'Tub Tim Krob', made from water chestnuts, to the largest most luxurious French chocolate and cream Gateau, desserts make the world go round and make you smile! So read on for a lovely selection of what's to order online in Bangkok!

Desserts food delivery from cuisines all over the world to order online

Every country in the world has desserts and sweet treats. Some use honey like in the middle east, some use coconut like in Asian countries, and make fun desserts like Tub Tim Krob. In Europe and Latin America, chocolate is one of the biggest ingredients. However, whatever your fancy, it's available in Bangkok, and here's a few ideas for everything from children's parties, to up market dinner parties! Just add your imagination and enjoy:

  • ✓ At the, Holey Artisan Bakery there's a lovey selection of bakery cakes, biscuits and desserts to enjoy. Try the, 'Mama Mia Biscotti' a tempting Hazelnut, apricot and white chocolate recipe.
  • ✓ At Bei Otto, there's some lovey German inspired cakes which work well for a birthday gathering. Try the 'Black Forest Cake', which has cherries, cream and chocolate, great for a children's party.
  • ✓ The Osaka Cheesecake at, 'Flour Shoppe', is a delight for any lunchtime treat or as a perfect end to a Saturday evening.

Desserts food delivery to all parts of Bangkok

Not only is there plenty of choice for sweet things in Bangkok but delivery with foodpanda covers a wide area, so next time you're planning a dinner party, you can order your favourite desserts like Tub Tim Krob or chocolate cake from them and make the evening stress free.

Desserts food delivery to order online with foodpanda

It's also good to know that when you order online with foodpanda, that your order will be packaged and chilled to arrive in perfect condition, whether it's ice cream or Tub Tim Krob!

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