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Ordering Beverages from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

With the heat of Bangkok weather combined with the congestion and always-on-the-go lifestyle, there's nothing better than a refreshing beverage to cool you down or taking a quiet coffee break. If you're stuck in the office and want a specific drink, try a beverages delivery from foodpanda. With our food and drink delivery service you can order beverages online and have them delivered directly to you.

Popular restaurants for drink delivery in Bangkok

Think of all the great drinks that are available around Bangkok, tamarind, lychee juices, smoothies, iced teas, there are so many. Who has the best juice or coffee delivery in Bangkok? Well, it depends on what you like. We've put together a short list of our customers' favourite places to order drinks from:

  • Peef: A healthy restaurant that creates their own juices and smoothies, delicious and nutritious drinks with wonderful flavour combinations. Their unique smoothie bowls are a cross between a smoothie and a dessert with milk, fruits and vegetables like kiwi, banana, spinach and kale. Their juices have great names too, like Beauty and the Beet, the Fat Burner and Forever Young. There are also soda drinks made with fresh fruit and iced coffees too.
  • Chu Chocolate Bar and Cafe (Silom): A very popular restaurant serving burgers, paninis, salads and, of course, many different drinks. They have a range of flavoured sodas, such as Passion Fruit Soda and Raspberry Lemonade. Iced teas include Chai Tea Latte, Iced Ceylon Tea and Iced Cherry Tea. There are all the usual hot coffees available plus Chu Coffee, Hazelnut Latte and Toffee Nut Cappuccino. The menu is finished off with a selection of decadent chocolate drinks like the Parisian Extra Creamy Dark Chocolate.
  • Hoc Beverage and Cat Cafe: Whether you want clean, healthy food or a burger or hot dog, you'll find it here plus a range of hot and cold drinks. If you would like a hot coffee, you can choose from Espresso, Latte, Caramel Macchiato and many more. For a cool, refreshing drink there are Thai Milk Tea, Milk Green Tea, Caramel Milk or flavoured sodas, such as strawberry, kiwi or apple. Hot teas include Earl Grey, Green Tea and Jasmine Tea.

Order beverages for delivery from foodpanda

Ordering beverages online in Bangkok is as easy as 1, 2, 3. First choose a restaurant that you'd like to order from. Second, browse the menu and select the drinks you want. Third, pay or choose pay cash on delivery. Easy!

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