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Who doesn't love a good burger, a malted milkshake, or a delightful hot fudge sundae? For many people, America is the home of fast food itself, and we have many a tempting menu in Pattaya to prove the truth of that claim! Jump right into our American food delivery selection, and order online today for an All American taste sensation.

What makes American food so amazing?

The humble cheeseburger has become the symbol of first dates and movie nights alike. Hot dogs with alternating zig zags of ketchup and mustard, and bowls of ice cream and brownies are just a few of the delights that can fuel you up for a fun evening ahead. Bright, cheerful, big portions are the hallmark of this style of cuisine, making it great for parties - or for lending a fun, party atmosphere to any occasion. Much of the vibrancy of American fast food comes from the fact that it is a fusion of cultures: pizza is a classic example of this. US diners have adopted pizza and pie as a classic meal combo, though pizza is ultimately an ancient Italian dish. When you order online in this city, there are so many sumptuous restaurants to choose from! Here are just three enticing options for you:

  • ✓ McDonald's: this restaurant is a classic, synonymous with affordable, reliable American cuisine all over the world. Meals for kids and adults alike are packed with fun and flavour
  • ✓ Subway: every aspect of your sub sandwich is tailored by you, from the bread to the fillings to the sauces. Great for anybody who likes to get a little creative with their lunch.
  • ✓ Brooklyn Diner: get a taste of gourmet New York cuisine with this fancy yet accessible take out. The pizzas here are absolutely delicious, and they are beautifully presented in the bargain
  • There are lots more menu options to discover, though: take a look for yourself and you will see what we mean! [/p]

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Customers are amazed at the quick turnaround at food panda. It usually takes just half an hour for us to deliver your juicy burger or pizza selection, freshly cooked just for you, right to your door. Our friendly drivers are ready to zoom off to a local restaurant right now, in fact.

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