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The love of food in Khon Kaen

In the heart of Isaan, Khon Kaen showcases the best of north-eastern cuisine, standard Thai food and international food too. From cafes and bakeries to street food and high-end restaurants, the city has them all. During the rainy season, everyone wants to avoid getting wet as much as possible, so when you're hungry it's a great idea to order a food delivery so you don't have to venture out in the rain. It's also a clever option to avoid traffic, heat and crowds all year round. Whether you're at home, a friends house or at work get your favourite food takeaway brought to you.

Food delivery from the best restaurants in Khon Kaen

Isaan food is obviously top of the list on many people's best restaurant choice, as well as food from around Thailand and the rest of the world. Our customers review our restaurants, so you can see which ones they prefer and what they thought of the food. Some of their favourites include Honlin Mala for a choice of barbecued meats and seafood, street food style. For Japanese food, Ootoya is loved for its bento sets including Tori Kurozu, the most popular dish in Japan. Treat House is known for its fusion of western, Thai and Japanese cuisines seen in its Spaghetti Seafood Kee Mao and Pizza Ham Nori Seaweed. Most restaurants also deliver drinks, Inch & Ounce is a cafe that exclusively offers beverages for delivery in Khon Kaen. So if you want a Salted Caramel Black Coconut Espresso, a Matcha Green Tea Latte or a Honey Lime drink, you can order them too.

Favourite foods in Khon Kaen

Khon Kaen is famous for Isaan food, sticky rice, laab and som tam are among the most well known and loved. Other staple foods like pla som, gai yang and gaeng om are eaten everyday and widely available. When you're in the mood for something different you may try Thai food from other parts of the country. Otherwise, you may want to venture further afield for some Japanese food or western flavours. From sushi to steak, ramen to fish and chips, Khon Kaen has restaurants to satisfy any food craving.

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At foodpanda, we love food as much as you do. We make life easier and make it quick and simple to get a food delivery in Khon Kaen. To order food online from your home or work, simply choose your favourite restaurant, select your meals and drinks. You can then pay online or give your driver cash when they arrive. We're all about convenience and delicious food. Relax indoors while you wait for your order to come and then eat it in comfort without interrupting your day or night by having to go out and get food.